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Hello Don Rosa. First i will like to say that you are one of my big idols! My question is: Will you join the Comiks events in Copenhagen next time?
Best regards Frederik


If they invite me.

And it's now 6 PM so they tell me I must stop.
I sure wish I could have made it to more questions. There are still 487 on here that I will never even be able to read. Well, the last 2 hours have gone by as if they were minutes. (All except the 5 minutes when the mouse died. That was 2 hours right there.) But I still think of myself ONLY as a comics fan, and I never get tired of talking with other comics fans and collectors. I'll do more of it next weekend in Bergen, hopefully with some of YOU.
So, thanks a lot!!!!! Bye!

Favorite movie

What's your favorite movie over all?



Broken arm

Was it hard to draw when your arm was broken?

Kristoffer Naas

When did I break my arm? I'm sure I would have noticed that. It hurts a lot, right?
Do you mean hen my hand was crushed in 1989? No, I could still draw. I found out later that some of my knuckles were crushed and I could not close my fist all the way, so I had an operation.
When my left eyeball fell apart in 2008... THAT made it hard to draw!

Raptus 2010

Hello, Rosa! Looking forward to Raptus 2010! How many speeches you're going to have? Something tells me that there are three, but ...

Boy from Bergen

I don't know myself. Either 2 or 3. The first will be on Ducks. The other one or two will be on "Oddball Comic Covers" of America 1940's - 1960's from my extensive collection. (I have one of the biggest comic collections in North America.)


Why did you chose to hide the D.U.C.K.-dedication in the first route in all of your story`s?

Kristoffer Naas

Because that's where it should be. No?

Marco Rota

What do you think about Marco Rota?


Another REAL cartoonist. And my very favorite Duck cartoonist after Mr. Barks. I sure wish I could draw like Marco Rota!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least I'm Italian like him! And my last name is like his!

family tree

hello i am a big fan of you and have read all your story!(on norwegian of cours)
but my question its on donalds family tree in hale of fame 5, tells you daisy duck its sister to dellas man. why its her under list of friends instead ? and its ludvik von drake married with scroogs oldest sister or not ? (sorry but i cant her english name.)

Klubbmedlem Tobias braaten

I have never tried to decide for sure, even if someone gave me the right to do so. But since Huey, Dewey & Louie call Daisy "Aunt Daisy" (in American versions), I thought it would be an interesting idea if she were the sister of their father. On the other hand, I'm also told that some European cultures would then regard Diasy and Donald as an improper couple (though I can't understand why). So I don't worry about it.
And in my own personal version of the Duck Family Tree, Ludwig Von Drake is married to $crooge's sister Matilda. But the Egmont editors in 1992 did not like Ludwig (for unknown reasons)n and would not allow him to be included.

drawn wrong

Have you drawn wrong sometimes?

klante bajja

I drew RIGHT sometimes. But not often.

latest comic

which comic is your latest?

william woxblom

The last story I made was "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek". And it was one of the few I liked.


I've heard that you will do a comeback. when?

emil scapaticci

Where did you hear that?

Time out?

How long time do you get to answer our questions?

All the time I want. But I can't type fast enough. And I can't read all the questions. And... I'm wasting time answering this, aren't I!?

big Swede

First of all, Mr. Rosa, I want to say it's a privelige to ha

Yes, the reference to Malmo was for my friends at the Egmont branch there. As for "big and bad", all I can tell you is that in old American movies and comics there is often a "Big Swede". Never a "big Norwegian" or a "big Dane" -- I don't know why. You tell me. Oh, but the Big Swede was always a good guy!

bad guys

Which one of the bad guys or the criminals is your personal favorite?


Flintheart Glomgld. All great characters in popular fiction have their "evil twin", that was $crooge's.
But I love the Beagle Boys, to! They are different type villains for different type stories.
And then there's Magica DeSpell. When a lady/girl fan comes to me and says that Daisy Duck is her favorite character, I worry about her! But when she says she likes Magica or Goldie, I know she has a brain. Magica has character and integrity and spunk. The Nemi of Duckburg, obviously.

Scrooge character

First I'd like to thank you for the many great comics I read in my childhood, your Uncle Scrooge stories were always funny and fascinating in so many ways!
Anyways, I would like to ask you about your Life of Uncle Scrooge-series. When I read them, I could never figure out whether you saw Scrooge as a heroic, hard working character, or rather as a bitter, lonely person. I'm thinking of the chapter in Dawson City in particular: Scrooge is unable to make any meaningful relationship with anyone around him, and is ultimately hated by everyone around him. In any comic book I read as a child, the characters were very easy to figure out, but I never fully understood Scrooge. Could you share some thoughts on this?

"I could never figure out whether you saw Scrooge as a heroic, hard working character, or rather as a bitter, lonely person."

Both. That's why he's a fascinating character! Can you make such a comment about Mickey Mouse?

Why so few caracters?


I'd rather use Barks characters that I grew up with than to create new ones. What fun would that be?

Italian comic produc(k)tion

What do you think about the Italian Disney-comic produc(k)tion?


We have never seen that style of Disney comics in America. In Northern Eurpe you see them in those digest-size booklets. It is obviously excellent cartooning. But too different from the classic American-style Barks type comics that we are used to. It would take a long time for me to learn to appreciate the Italian style Disney comics. But that's my fault -- not the fault of the Italian comics!


Do you remember the first Donald Duck-comic that made an impression on you?


No, I was too young to remember. I grew up with Donald Duck comics literally since birth. My sister was (and still is!) 11 years older than me, and was a comic book hoarder. I was drooling on her Duck comics before I could read them.

Raptus 2010

Do you look forward to Raptus 2010?



(Raptus is the big comics festival I'll be at in Bergen next weekend.)

Hi Keno!

How many years it took to make the McDuck story?
Please answer. It`s my BIGGEST dream!



You mean the "Life of $crooge" series? The original 12 stories took 2 and 1/2 years, but I also did "Guardians of the Lost Library" and "From Duckburg to Lillehammer" stories in that same period, done for events which would not wait.

Glittering Goldie

withc Glittering Goldie storie is your favorite???



The Three Caballeros Ride Again


Disney's 1945 film "The Three Caballeros" was the ONLY thing Disney ever did with Donald Duck that I liked. I liked Barks' Donald. That was a real character. But in that 1945 film I saw a Donald that reminded me of Barks' version.

I always intended to someday try to do a Three Caballeros story, and I finally did. That was one of those stories of mine I did like.

And... as an example of problems inherent in this system, I just lost about 5 minutes due to a mouse failure. Battery musta died. And people wonder why I don't like mice!

how many

how many donald histories have you made?

Klubbmedlem Herdis

I don't count them, but fans say I did only about 80.

I don't have time to remember right now exactly how many Barks did in about the same number of years. But I think if I had kept at it another 70-80 years, I might have come close to him, if only in quantity.


Hello! I have reading Donald Duck&Co a very long time now. What is your inspiration to make the stories you write? I hope you can answare my question, becuse I like to make stories to, but I dont know have I get the inspiration.

Klubbmedlem Mari

If you need inspiration, you need to find your Carl Barks.

Not an easy task.

was it you?

was it you that created glittering goldie

lau bach jensen

No! Barks created her in 1952 in his second $crooge story "Back to the Klondike".

Family tree

When and how made you the Donald Duck family tree?

When I was writing the "Life of $crooge# stories around 1992, Egmont asked if I'd also create a Duck Family Tree based on the characters I was using. I did so, using ONLY characters created or used by Barks. The only characters I added were to give wives to fathers or husbands to mothers, etc. And I did so with Mr. Barks' help -- he okayed the Family Tree I built from his characters, though I don't imply that he thought that the Tree was needed. But Egmont wanted it, and I had fun making public all of Barks' characters from his old notes and from old obscure stories.

Okay, I've been sitting here wearing off my fingertips for 70 minutes, and I've answered about 20 of the 600 questions I have. Must be a better way to do this, eh? I'll never even SEE most of the questions. Sorry for all you who are asking me excellent questions that I'll never have a chance to answer. Sorry, again.


Do you make comics for yourself or for Disney. Or do you get manusscript for yor comics?


I make Donald & $crooge comics for myself and Egmont. The Disney Co. has nothing to do with creating any of the Disney comics you've ever read. They simply license the name "Donald Duck" to independent publishers who hire freelance writers and artists like myself and Carl Barks and hundreds of others to write and draw the stories. No one with Disney makes any contribution to the process. Never has. Give ALL the credit to the publishers and those freelance creators.
And I write all my own stories from scratch, if that's what your other question asked.

To you from me!

Hi, Keno. I always ask myself, how Scrooge McDuck could be so old. I was read on a website that Scrooge is 1867, how could he be so old? He should be 143 years old!

From Samuel Joakim Mika Lehtinen, your BIGGEST fan!

Yes, if were still alive. My stories take place in the 1950's, the same years as the stories I grew up with. I thought everyone knew that by now.


do you think that it is a bit cool that a self taught drawer could be one of the best donald duck drawers ever

lau bach jensen

Perhaps one of the "most popular" just because I "try harder". Definitely not one of the "best".
But, yes, it's so cool that I still get chills when I think that it happened to me!!! Can you imagine what it feels like to love a character so much when you're growing up, and then find yourself the world's most popular current creator of that same character's stories?!?! What could be cooler than that????


Have you worked with other than when you began to draw

Emil Hedegaard

Have I ever done something else? Yes, I never intended to be a cartoonist. (And some would say I never became one.) I always knew I'd run the family construction company that my grandfather started when he came to America from Italia in 1900. Cartooning and comic collecting was only a hobby. I stumbled into it by "accident" in 1987 when I did what was intended to be just ONE Uncle $crooge story. Then I did one more. And another. And.....


where starts you when you begin to draw Donald Or Scrooge?


Every Duck figure I draw, no matter how big or small, is begun by me drawing 3 and 1/2 circles in a stack with one of my engineering templates. Then I build on that.


What part of drawing do you specially like? The procces? The replys? :)

Jakob Berg Bredahl

My favorite part is when I stop.


youre stories is so creative and so smart. how do you get ideas for stories. do they just come to you or are you lay all night awake and think and think and think...

emil scapaticci

I don't know. I just get ideas of stories that I think I'D like to read, usually when I'm watching an old movie or looking at a history book. There are no new ideas. Just combinations of old ideas.


what is the best story you ever maked do you self think

lau bach jensen

I generally dislike my stories. But of the few that I have done that I am really proud of... they all seem to involve Glittering Goldie in some fashion.


How many years were you when you began drawing?

Best regards Mikkel


Probably 1.
But I never just drew pictures -- I only drew STORIES. Comic stories. My interest in this has always been in storytelling with words and pictures. Not in drawing (which I actually hate.)
But the great thing is that I have kept every one of the hundreds of comic books I made between age 5 and 15. And all the comics I made for friends in high school and college and in fanzines. Some were hundreds of pages long. Maybe somebody will publish those all someday for Europe! Would you buy them? (You'd be crazy if you would. The ones I did when I was 5 really sucked!!!)

To Keno From Michel

Hey Keno!
Can you answer my questions?
Many Regards
Michel - your biggest fan here in Sweden!

Michel Drewitz

The answer to that is yes.

who is yours favorite drawer

one of the best drawers have posible also a favorite drawer if it don't was carl barks who would it be

lau bach jensen

Too many to list!
Actually Barks is FAR from my favorite drawer/cartoonist. I could name dozens, perhaps hundreds of much better ones. Barks is my favorite STORYTELLER. The best storyteller of the 20th Century.

Jakob Hake-Steffensen

Now that's a perfect example of a REAL cartoonist who knows what he's doing!

(By the way, sorry to kid the previous questioner about his English. I couldn't help it! I greatly admire all you Europeans who speak so many different languages. We Americans can't even speak English that well ourselves. Note our previous president.)

Hello !

Donald duck

At home in my refrigerator.


Was it you tath first made Matilda Mc.Duck and Hortense Mc.Duck?.


No, no! They are Carl Barks creations, found in his private notes on the Duck family tree from the early 1950's. I have NEVER wanted or ried to make ANY changes in Duckburg. I only sought to emphasize Barks' creations that I grew up with.


Hello. I really love all your drawings, they are so amazing. how does it affect your life?


Aha. This is an EXCELLENT question! This might be the best question of the day. But it would take me a half hour to type out a reply. So that's another apology I must make -- i can't take the proper time to answer the most profound questions here. Sorry!


what pens do you use?

emil sc

You shouldn't ask ME hat. You should ask a real cartoonist who knows what he's doing. I am self-taught -- the only drawing training i have is in mechanical drawing, part of my civil engineering training. I think real cartoonists can tell that from how stiff and overly detailed my art is. I use the same tools as i used in engineering school, which are all wrong.

favorite character

Hello! Your drawing is so good. You are my favorite Donald Duck drawer. I love the way you make the cartoons and series so real. But I wonder who is your favorite character in duckburg?

Klubbmedlem oliver. j. finden

$crooge McDuck!!! Couldn't you tell by now?

donald duck comics

Do you (Don Rosa) draw any donald duck comics anymore, I haft to tell you that I think you're the best one on drawing donald duck ever ( I love your comics)

Klubbmedlem jake

No, I stopped for many different reasons, but the main one was my failing eyesight, capped off with a serious retinal detachment (look that up on the Internet) 2 years ago which could not be properly corrected.
So, no more new stories. Sorry!


Can you come to sweden sometime or to europe, I want so much to meet you and get your autograph. Please

Klubbmedlem jake

Some friends in Denmark or thinking of helping me organize a signing tour that would take me to bookstores and comic shops all through Scandinavia. Sometime next year. If that happens, I hope ALL of you can come and get free drawings and autographs.
But no definite plans yet.


Hello! I have been reading comics about Donald all my life, and I think Barks and your comics are the most fun to read. sometimes I laugh loud of your stories. Do you laugh of your own stories because you think they are so funny that you just have to? If yes, which? And, if you are able to choose one (I think its quite difficult), which Barks story do you like the best?

Klubbmedlem Gislaug S.

Hello! This is me, Don Rosa. (And I won't put my name on any replies after this one.)
I have about 500 questions to answer here! Obviously I can't do that, so I hope my eye falls on some good ones in the next two hours.
Also, some of you may know that when I talk to real comic fans, I am not shoRT with my replies, but I will also need to be brief here. Sorry about that also! And sorry for any typos I make while I hunt-and-peck and don't proofread my replies before I "publish" them. And why isn't the #$%& apostrophe in the right place on this Norwegian keyboard! I need to get used to it.
Okay? Here goes.

Do I laugh out loud at my own stories? NOT when I am writing or drawing them -- certainly not when I'm drawing them! Drawing for me was very tedious and I never thought I did it well. (And now i can hardly do it at all.) But I would work on each story for 3-4 months. So by the time I was finished, I was SO BORED with that story that I would think it was a dreadful mistake!
The only way I could judge one of my stories is if I looked back at it a few years later. Then I would maybe have forgotten a few of the gags or background details. And then, YES; I might laugh out loud. And why not? I would be reading a joke that PRECISELY matched my own sense of humor... so I would certainly think it was funny!
(But not always... other times I DID see it was a dreadful mistake.

Okay. Two questions? Not fair.
Which is my favorite Barks story. Probably the "Golden Helmet". It was a historical treasure hunt -- always my favorite. I could write LOTS more about that, but I have 500 more replies to write. So here we go....